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Anaitte Vaccaro Oda A Nuestro Son El Morro Puerto Rico

Anaitte creates total works of art with a focus on integrating the power of technology within every piece. As projection mapping artist, Anaitte has worked with countless clients who are one way or another



because it takes a certain kind of person to embrace the unconventional.

Finding the perfect projection mapping artist is a complex endeavor. They need to understand your vision and have the ability to bring your event space, and thus your brand, to life in ways you’d never imagined. They do this with impactful projection art installations.

Anaitte has been creating such experiences, successfully.

By creating large-scale art world wonders that combine the digital medium and projection mapping to create award winning projection art installations, Anaitte will transform your event space, building, or any surface imaginable into


memories that will transcend time.

In doing so, she can increase the reputation of your brand and impression of your guests, all in one fateful night.


What is a Projection Mapping Artist?

Projection mapping artists design their work for a structure's specific architectural features. Anaitte converts an event space, buildings, or any surfaces, no matter how mundane, complicated, or complex they may be.


The best projection mapping artists also combine the surrounding natural elements considering light and space and, with the aid of technology, create otherworldly and stunning scenes on seemingly ordinary spaces. This is what Anaitte has done successfully for almost two decades, creating award winning pieces stunning audiences around the world. Her work combines light, animation, music, and more to create emotion providing your guests an unforgettable unique experience they will never forget.


If you are looking to fully express your brand and objectives, this is what you are looking for.

Projection mapping artists bring life to the spaces we inhabit by creatively utilizing the magnificence of technology, light, and sound within an area.


ANAITTE. brings your world to life by projecting extraordinary, customized pieces of artwork onto building surfaces, walls, and more.

Projection Art Installation with ANAITTE.

You’ve probably come across art installations in one form or another. At a local gallery or perhaps a museum, but projection art installation is a completely different beast and as a projection mapping artist, Anaitte is one of a kind.

ANAITTE creates pieces using technology and innovates with light, sound and more to connect to your audience viscerally telling a story in ways words could never manage.

Within Anaitte’s projection mapping and art installation projects, she uses many projectors and pieces of technology, combining this science with a unique artistic flair. Anaitte takes the seemingly separate entities of projectors, light, music, equipment, and others to create something spectacularly unique on your building or event space, creating amazing visual displays within every one of her projection art installation scenes.

Anaitte plays with animations, graphics, shapes and textures, letting the elements play off each other in a way that induces a captivating experience of light and movement over what was once static and stationary. She creates projection art installations, of course, but she also creates an experience. She creates a moment you will never forget and one that will live long in the memory of all your guests.

ANAITTE Microsoft El Conquistador

To find out more about Anaitte as a projection mapping artist, or to start your own projection mapping project

Anaitte’s Projection Mapping Work

Anaitte is an accomplished and highly sought-after projection mapping artist that has carried out fantastic feats of wonderment around the globe. From her native Puerto Rico to the USA and further afield into Europe and beyond, her projection mapping has impacted the lives of millions on a global scale.

Let us explore a few of Anaitte’s projection art installation pieces in action.

ANAITTE - A La Intemperie - Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

Oda A Nuestro Son – Puerto Rico

Anaitte’s projection mapping has taken her all around the planet and she continues to serve clients wherever they may be. Let’s start with the site of San Felipe del Morro ( El Morro ) in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico where she presented

Oda A Nuestro Son, or, to the English tongue, “Ode To Our Groove”.

This piece was commissioned by the Museum of Art in Puerto Rico (MAPR) alongside the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña (Institute of Culture of Puerto Rico) for the festivities of La Campechada. These festivities celebrated the illustrious Puerto Rican painter José Campeche and the celebrations of the Discovery of Puerto Rico.

With this projection mapping experience Anaitte made history, projecting onto the UNESCO World Heritage site ancient walls for the first time ever. She created a truly visionary experience with this in a larger than life scale space, utilizing sound, lights, shapes, and more to create something unique. She successfully crafted something extremely memorable and powerful that spread around the world to inhabit much more than its immediate space.

Take a look at the project for yourself.

Encuadre Ilimitado

Encuadre Ilimitado (Unlimited Framing), is a permanent architectural artwork installation and digital scenography sculpture carried out as part of Anaitte’s Digital Scenography and projection mapping artist portfolio.

This piece was built on the façade of the Hyatt House San Juan, in a prominent space nestled in a major metropolitan area of Puerto Rico. The direction provided to Anaitte came in the form of a number of key terms. These were “contemporary, cosmopolitan, modern, and city.” And this was all she needed for inspiration.

Anaitte created a final piece whose title is meant to identify its purpose and frame the unlimited possibilities of San Juan. By using static components whose design is heavily influenced from stylistic movement of cubism, she decided to incorporate metallic silver, bronze, and copper frames alongside an LED video screen. Drawing on the shape of an aerial city map in minimalism form, it allows the observer to fly over San Juan as you arrive to the island, looking down and witnessing its magnificent urban blueprint.

Anaitte combined this initial structure with a second component of the piece – protean nature, which is made possible via alternating surrealistic animations and accompanying lighting color changes. But perhaps most spectacularly, the piece illuminates at night from within of its own volition, providing the observer with an ever changing series of visual experiences and again, that same representation of the urban blueprint, but now at twilight.


This piece was then replicated by the same developers on the façade of the Springhill Suites at The Mall at Millenia in Orlando, Florida.


This is what Digital Scenography and projection mapping artists do, and what Anaitte specializes in.


Other Puerto Rican locations Anaitte has transformed through the medium of large-scale projection art installations include Oktoberfest in Mayaguez, the creation of an award winning, one-of-a-kind a tropical casino in Bayamón in the form of Boscaje Iluminado, and the Casio Atlántico in Manatí, Gota A Gota.

Not to mention other stunning delights such as Fortaleza Mágica at Governor’s Mansion in Old San Juan, A La Intemperie at the Museo De Art de Puerto Rico in Santurce, Puerto Rico, and Carillón at the world-famous Ritz Carlton Reserve, nestled in Dorado in Puerto Rico.

Background on Anaitte Vaccaro

Anaitte Vaccaro is an international award-winning Digital Scenographer from Puerto Rico. Digital Scenography was coined by Anaitte to signify a “total work of art” via the integration of technology. The digital scenography pieces and projection mapping art carried out by Anaitte incorporate the digital medium utilizing a multitude of disciplines as well as materials such as stunning architecture, space, visual aesthetics, sculpture, lighting, interactivity, dance, movement, natural mediums, and others.

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