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With a focus on integrating the POWER of technology, I create unique works of art for BOLD clients.



Anaitte Vaccaro Digital Scenographer


Anaitte Vaccaro is an international-award-winning Digital Scenographer, born and raised in Puerto Rico.

Digital Scenography is a term coined by Anaitte Vaccaro to define her work as the creation and design of a total work of art via the integration of technology.

Anaitte's work, enjoyed by millions around the world, spans from her experience in the area of fine art, installations, architainment, live production, theater, performance, visual effects for film and television, concerts, motion graphics, animation, new and interactive media.

Her creative vision and unique artistic expression create works of art that are one of a kind unforgettable experiences.

She has been granted two US Patents for her latest piece, The Perennial:


The Perennial was awarded at CES 2020 by New Voices, CTA, and CES. It is a serviceable, interactive, sustainable, art sculpture with a goal for nationwide installations. Inspired by the devastation of Puerto Rico after Hurricane María and the US withdrawal of the Paris Agreement, it’s an ambitious project promoting sustainability, climate diaspora, and consciousness to make wellness ubiquitous for everyone.

Her work has been featured around the world.

Anaitte and her work have been featured in numerous television, radio, print and online publications.




New Voices CTA CES 2020 Pitch Competition, Las Vegas, NV

CodaAward Merit Winner Judge Selection

CodaAward People's Choice Winner

Live Design's Excellence Award, New York, NY

Sherwood Award Semi-Finalist, Los Angeles, CA

Official selection of En Un Día , NewFilmmakers Festival, New York, NY

Live Design Sponsorship, Projection Master Classes, Las Vegas, NV

Sherwood Award Semi-Finalist, Center Theater Group, Los Angeles, CA

 Live Design Sponsorship, Projection Master Classes, New York, NY

Best Multimedia Design • Backstage West Garland Award, Los Angeles, NV

Special Recognition • LA Weekly Theatre Awards, Los Angeles, CA

Electronics Arts Exhibition Official Selection • 404 Astas Romas, Argentina

National Exhibition of the Caribbean • Institute of Culture, Puerto Rico

FAMA • Museum of Art, Puerto Rico

Annual Expo Selection • Ateneo Puertorriqueño, Puerto Rico

Invited Artist • Galeria Vertice, Guatemala

Honorary Studio • Pepon Osorio, Puerto Rico

Conceptual Development Award • Escuela Artes Plasticas, Puerto Rico

Premios Arnaldo Roche • Arnaldo Roche, Puerto Rico

Outstanding Student • Galeria Sin Titulo, Puerto Rico

First Place Annual Expo • Escuela Artes Plasticas, Puerto Rico



* The Perennial, WMATA Prince George’s County, 2024

* Upfront, WAPA TV, PR, 2023

* Vega Alta Encendido, Alcaldía Vega Alta,PR, 2023

* Michael C. Carlos Museum, Atlanta, GA 2023

* Miss Universe PR, Bellas Artes, Puerto Rico 2023

* Las Navidades Mas Largas Del Mundo, Governor’s Mansion, Puerto Rico 2022 - 2023

* Roberto Clemente 3d Mapping, Governor’s Mansion, Puerto Rico 2022

* Celebrity Wedding Dining Room, St Regis Bahia Beach Resort, Puerto Rico 2022

* Serendipity, Atlanta, GA 2022

* Alegoria, Atlanta, GA 2022

* Caleidoscopio, Atlanta, GA 2022

* Governor’s Mansion, Puerto Rico 2021

* Empresas Fonalledas, Puerto Rico 2021

* Inman Park Neighborhood Signs, Atlanta 2021

* Power Leaf, Tiny Houses, Little Tree Art Studios, 2021

* Privilegio de Crear Universos, Placita Latina and Decatur Arts Alliance, Decatur, GA  2021

* The Perennial, Greenbuild, San Diego, CA 2021

* Privilegio de Crear Universos, Galeria Regina, Atlanta, GA 2020

* The Perennial, Atlanta, GA 2019

* The Perennial, Venture Cafe, Boston, MA 2019

* Mine 9, International Distribution, 2019

* Boscaje Iluminado, CodaAwards Octagon Museum, Washington DC, 2017

* Aviva, Hyatt Place San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2016

* Pharma, Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV, 2015

* Encuadre Ilimitado, Hyatt House San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2015

* Featured Artist Presentation, Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa, 2014

* Dwelling In Minutiae, Galvin Fine Arts Center, Davenport, Iowa, 2014

* Gota A Gota, Hyatt Place Manatí, Puerto Rico, 2014

* In One Day, Shetler Studios, New York, 2014

* Boscaje Iluminado, Hyatt Place Bayamón, Puerto Rico, 2013

* El Yunque- An Immersive Experience, Microsoft, El Conquistador, Puerto Rico, 2013

* Sheetal Gandhi's Human Nature, APAP, New York, 2013

* Clara: Clear and Bright, LifeTime Gallery, Puerto Rico 2012

* Fist Art's Art In Golf at Ritz Carlton Reserve, Puerto Rico 2012

* Fortaleza, Encendido de Navidad, Puerto Rico 2012

* Cervecera de Puerto Rico, Oktober Fest, Puerto Rico 2012

* BHC, Dominican Republic National Bank's 40th Anniversary, Dominican Republic 2012

* Oda A Nuestro Son, La Campechada, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2011
* A La Intemperie, Museum of Art of Puerto Rico (MAPR), Santurce, Puerto Rico 2011
* En Un Día (Film Version), NewFilmMakers Festival, Anthology Archives, New York, New York 2011
* Sheetal Gandhi's Human Nature, Grand Performances, Los Angeles, CA 2011
* En Un Día, Teatro Arriví, Santurce, Puerto Rico 2011
* En un Día, Viota Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2011
* Astra, Million Dollar Theater, Los Angeles, CA 2010
* House of 12 Concert, Coliseo José Miguel Agrelot, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 2010
* Escaparate, fashion show, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico 2009
* RIDE! A Virtual Bike Ride, installation, Hollywood, Los Angeles, 2009

* Projections, Gotta Get A Gimmick at BB Kings, Broadway, New York 2009
* Projections, KIA Auto Show, Wynn, Las Vegas 2008
* Projections, Duran Duran concert, Broadway, California 2007
* Digital Wall Paper, Installation for NoHo Scene, North Hollywood, California 2007
* FocusFish Flying Circus @ The Ford Amphitheatre, Hollywood, California 2007
* Teatro De La Risa, TV, Los Angeles, California 2007
* Estudio 2, TV, Los Angeles, California 2007
* Dirk, Road Theatre, Los Angeles, California 2006
* Out of Control, Performance in Alley, Savannah, GA 2005
* Film Festival, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA 2005
* Mondonaro Theatre, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA 2005
* Starland District Gallery, Savannah, GA 2005
* 404 AstasRomas Festival, Rosario, Argentina 2004
* NV Club, Savannah, GA 2004
* Media Madness, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA 2004
* Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, Santurce, Puerto Rico 2003
* Escuela de Artes Plasticas, San Juan, Puerto Rico 2003
* Enlaces Cafe, San Juan, Puerto Rico 2003
* National Exhibition of the Caribbean, San Juan, Puerto Rico 2003
* Vertice Gallery, Guatemala City, Guatemala 2003
* Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas Rafael Rodriguez Padilla, Guatemala City, Guatemala 2003
* Prinardi Gallery, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 2002
* Enlaces Cafe, San Juan, Puerto Rico 2002
* Ateneo Puertorriqueno, San Juan, Puerto Rico 2002
* Instituto de Cultura, Villaviciosa de Odon, Spain 2001
* Atlas Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico 2000
* Acertijo, San Juan, Puerto Rico 2000
* Centro Ballaja, San Juan, Puerto Rico 2000
* Asylum, Santurce, Puerto Rico 2000
* Acertijo, San Juan, Puerto Rico 2000
* Acertijo, San Juan, Puerto Rico 1999
* Escuela de Artes Plasticas, San Juan, Puerto Rico 1998
* Parsons School of Design, New York, NY 1998
* Cafe Matisse, Condado, Puerto Rico 1998

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