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ANAITTE GASP Galvin Fine Arts Center & Figge Art Museum Davenport, Iowa

Anaitte creates total works of art by embracing and utilizing technology. She integrates the power of technology within every piece and does so seamlessly, resulting in spectacular live performances with rich visuals for a truly remarkable experience. Anaitte has worked with clients in every corner of the globe, and they all have one thing in common, they are

because it takes a certain kind of person to embrace the unconventional.

Live visuals can breathe new life into an event or live experience. When used in tandem with other live visuals in an event environment, they can truly revolutionize people’s perceptions and make lasting impressions among your participants.

Anaitte understands how to create remarkable experiences that incorporate live visuals, taking your performance or event to that next level. With everything you need catered for, Anaitte is the perfect person to bring art to life with live visuals that make an impact and a lasting impression.

What Are Live Performance Visuals?

Live performance visuals, or live visuals, combine various elements of technology such as sound, motion graphics, animation, sensors, visual effects, into live performances for real life professionals like actors, dancers, and performers.

By utilizing modern audio-visual equipment and combining them with experiential events, live visuals are a public art display of everything people love about culture. They are film. They are video. They are animations. Realtime generative graphics, analogue equipment and cameras, still photography mixed and operated with a live video DJ.


Live performance visuals are extraordinary and game-changing, and propel your brand into the future.

The difference between other forms of visuals and artistic expression and live visuals, is that everything happens in the moment when it’s a live performance. From the lights to the choreography and everything in between. This creates an added layer of spectacle to an already dramatic course of events.

Thanks to Anaitte’s experience and immense expertise in the live performance and artistic world, she is able to create truly memorable experiences within the sphere of live performance visuals, and can transform how people perceive your story.

Live Visuals with

Within each and every live visuals piece, Anaitte uses a range of technologies from projectors to cameras, visual art and lights, sensors and interactivity, all combined with live performances, dance, theater, and others.

She can create something spectacular for your showcase, presentation, or event, bringing the worlds of art, technology, science, and performance art to life with stunning live visuals and live performance visuals.

Anaitte toys with animations, graphics, shapes, and textures, and allows the various different elements to play off each other in a way that creates a captivating experience of light and movement thrilling the senses, your guests, and audience. She creates live visuals with purpose, creating an unforgettable experience for viewers and spectators.

Anaitte’s speciality is creating moments you will never forget. One of a kind and unique unforgettable experiences for your patrons.

ANAITTE KIA Las Vegas Mandalay Bay

Live Performance Visuals Created
by Anaitte

Over the years, Anaitte has proudly established herself as a leading live performance visuals expert and artistic creator. This is evidenced by the fact that she has carried out numerous award winning works across the globe.

A prime example of these works includes En Un Día, a show which took place in three locations – Puerto Rico, New York, and Iowa of the United States. This truly remarkable dance performance piece transformed event spaces into ethereal dreamscapes and were a huge success in each and every location, telling a visual story by utilizing many different forms of artistic expression combined with technology and live dance performances.

ANAITTE En Un Dia Dance performance

Then there’s RIDE! Which took place in the heart of Hollywood California at Avalon. This virtual bike ride took riders on an expedition. A mind-blowing adventure and journey, exploring dark paths whilst following performances on a stage ahead of them, with all participants taking part via their own stationary bicycle. Combining artistic expression with live performances, user experience, and immersion in a way that inspired others around the world to replicate the experience, Anaitte masterfully used each of these elements in tandem with awe-inspiring sounds and technology to wow participants and encourage them to ride on into the unknown.

ANAITTE RIDE virtual bike ride Avalon Hollywood Los Angeles California

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ANAITTE Human Nature Sheetal Gandhi Grand Performances California Plaza

Background on ANAITTE.

Anaitte Vaccaro is an international award-winning Digital Scenographer from Puerto Rico. The term “Digital Scenography” was coined by Anaitte referring to Richard Wagern’s Gesamtkunstwerk's "Scenography" terminology which means “total work of art”. The art and experiences carried out by Anaitte are a total work of art incorporating the digital medium combining stunning visual aesthetics, live visuals, lights, movement, and more.

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