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ANAITTE Fortaleza Governor's Mansion Old San Juan Puerto Rico
Anaitte is a true artist. She creates total works of art, Digital Scenography pieces, focusing particularly on the integration of art with technology and the power that comes from integrating conventional mediums with different forms of technology. With many years-worth of experience in digital scenography and building projection mapping as public art, Anaitte has worked on countless projects with a myriad of clients who share one common characteristic – they are

because it takes a certain kind of person to embrace the unconventional.

Anaitte has been able to create absolutely extraordinary pieces of public art with digital scenography and building projection mapping where boldness is always at the forefront of whatever endeavor she undertakes.

Building projection mapping isn’t easy, but the rewards are more than worth it. 3D light projection on buildings is an otherworldly experience for your guests and ultimately, your brand’s reputation.

Anaitte creates large-scale wonders of public art using the digital medium. With 3D projection mapping, lights, technology, and others she designs one of a kind digital scenography pieces that turn buildings and spaces into immersive works of art. It is Anaitte's unique artistic ability and splendor who can transform your building or structure, surpassing anything you could ever imagine.

Building Projection Mapping

Building projection mapping isn’t easy, but the rewards are more than worth it. It’s not just as simple as 3D light projection on buildings, it’s an otherworldly experience for your guests and ultimately, your brand’s reputation.

Anaitte creates large-scale wonders of the art world by integrating the digital medium. Via light, 3D mapping projection onto buildings, and others, her building projection mapping pieces are


spectacular one of a kind experiences.

It is her unique ability to be able to transform your building for special live events, public works of art, or permanent installations no matter what your vision and expectations may be for your proposed project. Anaitte has the artistic abilities and splendor to surpass anything you could ever imagine.

Within each piece of building projection work, Anaitte creates experiences combining various different mediums, transforming and exalting the architecture of your chosen building or location. By mashing together technology, light, sound, and more, she helps your audience viscerally connect to your brand and gives your building or architecture a new life. A new purpose. Her projects tell your story creatively, in ways you previously thought were unimaginable.

Within Anaitte’s building projection work, she has used various pieces of technology and projectors to combine art and science into one singular, unique form. She takes these seemingly separate entities and combines them to create magnificent and memorable live events and public works of art for guests, audiences, and passers-by.

What is Building Projection Mapping?

Building projection mapping is a unique specialism for those enamoured by the thrill of combining light and space, with technology and architecture.

Much more than simple 3D light projection on buildings, as building projection mapping artists, we utilize light and space and suffuse them with sounds and visuals to create something magnificent and spectacular. Anaitte has worked across the board from casinos to castles and everything in between, and can create a truly bespoke project for whatever your requirements are and wherever in the world you are located.

She works with simple structures and architectural delights using lights, technology, and animations to create a new world of emotion for your guests, audiences, and passers-by. A world of emotion that will not be soon forgotten by all those who witness it, meaning your brand or building will be on everybody’s lips.

As a true artist, Anaitte brings to life buildings, architecture, and spaces. By utilizing innovative technology, light, sounds and others onto your building or space, she brings an immersive world to any live event injecting a whole new definition on your area of interest.


To find out more about Anaitte or to start your own building projection mapping project for your building, space, or business

ANAITTE Medalla Brewery Cervecera de Puerto Rico

Building Projection Works

Anaitte is a master of the art of building projection mapping and has created a comprehensive portfolio of large-scale pieces for high-end clients around the globe. Let us explore some of these pieces to help inspire your own journey.

ANAITTE Hyatt House Encuadre Ilimitado

A La Intemperie
Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico
Santurce, Puerto Rico


In Anaitte’s location of origin and homeland, Puerto Rico, she created something truly special for a truly special building. The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR) is of course a national treasure and known around the world, and Anaitte was commissioned to invigorate the outside of the building with her very own artistic flair.

The result was witnessed by thousands and is still talked about today, Anaitte crafted the most sumptuous and spectacular experience that resonated with visitors, illuminating the museum in the twilight and bringing the already iconic building to life.

Gota a Gota
Casino Atlántico
Manatí, Puerto Rico


Another superb example of building projection mapping comes in the form of Gota a Gota at the Casino Atlántico, located in Manatí, Puerto Rico.

For this project, Anaitte decorated the façade of the casino with a painterly representation of the underwater ocean. A digital mural of sorts, undulating blue tones simulated the ocean’s calming movement, with a hand-drawn mural converted into light, projected over an animated color wash depicting tropical flora and sea creatures. The manatee is the prominent creature of the piece to represent the sea mammal of which the municipality of Manatí was named after.

The piece spread inside the casino, too, with a full color printed mural version spanning across a prominent center wall within. View Gota a Gota and see how Anaitte was able to utilize her incredible talents to create something truly awe-inspiring in her home country.

And that’s just one example of many successful public art installations.

You can explore the many and varied pieces of digital scenography, digital art, and building projection mapping Anaitte has become world famous for right here at the

Anaitte website.

More About The Artist

Anaitte Vaccaro is an international award-winning Digital Scenographer from Puerto Rico. The term “Digital Scenography” was one coined by Anaitte using Richard Wagern’s Gesamtkunstwerk's terminology for "Scenography" which translates to “total work of art”. The digital and technological pieces of art she creates, and the work carried out by Anaitte, utilize multiple disciplines and integrate technology to create one of a kind unique total works of art.

Anaitte Vaccaro consistently creates a “total work of art” by combining the digital medium with stunning architecture and visual aesthetics, adding lights, sounds, and more to create inspiring and incredible artworks.

Get in Touch with Anaitte

To speak about a building projection piece or discuss any form of artist project with Anaitte.

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